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FPGA FIX Accelerator

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The FPGA FIX Accelerator for RA Cheetah FIX Engine™ software – halves single message latency and improves engine throughput 500% per session. FIX Messaging Revolution: Cheetah FIX engine™ with FPGA accelerator technology

  • Cheetah FIX Engine with Software API, no FPGA knowledge required Plug’n’play acceleration
  • Stack independent sessions – unlimited software sessions; up to 32 FPGA accelerated sessions
  • Single Java API – write once  – select your session performance characteristics by running in either software for wire to wire (tick to trade) latency of 11µs or using the FPGA acceleration for reduced Wire to wire latency of 5 – 5.5µs
  • Fully supported with the annual licence fee for both software and hardware components
  • Cost effective messaging performance increase reducing TCO without compromising business agility
  • Predictable deterministic message process for faster algo execution, with fewer cache misses

FIX Software-FPGA Comparison – Software vs Hybrid application:

FIX software FPGA comparison software vs hybrid application

The diagram below shows a 8 Session 15k msg/s wire to wire Latency Performance, Cheetah Software with Solarflare network card v’s FPGA Accelerated Cheetah card vs FPGA Accelerated Cheetah Software

Graph below shows Buy Orders – Execution Venue simulating a 50 microsecond order matching delay. It also shows the latency of the workload completion over a 300 microsecond range, comparing open source against the commercially available Java FIX engines.

Execution Venue simulating a 50 microsecond order matching delay

To learn learn more about FPGA click here

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