Stat Arb Funds

Intense competition in the stat arb space is leading these high volume managers to focus on the latency that still exists between their algorithms and the markets they trade.

Rapid Addition has seen a number of common key challenges with our clients such as;
  • Being able to react with a minimum of latency
  • DMA
  • Proximity/Co-Location

Rapid Addition are at the forefront of providing clients with a range of solutions and products that enable them to gain that competitive edge.

We would of course be delighted to meet and discuss with you in more detail some of your own challenges, and where our products would be of benefit to your business.

FIX Engines & Order Routing Software

RA Cheetah FIX Engine

The RA–Cheetah™ FIX engine is the highest performing messaging engine for the FIX protocol. Whether you need a low-latency .NET / C# FIX engine or a low-latency Java FIX Engine, RA-Cheetah™ provides t...

RA Hub

RA Hub is a high-volume, low-latency gateway providing a complete environment in which to plan & design electronic trading, along with managing FIX connectivity and order routing...

RA Cub FIX Engine

The RA Cub FIX engine is an entry level FIX engine designed to give new entrants an affordable flexibility. RA Cub provides a smooth upgrade to the RA Cheetah FIX engine for smooth transition to a low-la...

FPGA FIX Accelerator

FPGA FIX Accelerator for RA Cheetah FIX Engine™ software - halves single message latency and improves engine throughput 500% per session. FIX Messaging Revolution: Cheetah FIX engine™ with...

Trading Tools


u-Broker™ is our Sell-side application that connects Brokers to multiple Institutions. u-Broker™ supports multiple asset classes, including Equities, Equity Options, and Futures. Users can accept and ...


u-Trader™ is our lightweight Buy-side trading application, connects traders to multiple trading counterparties, either Brokers or Execution Venues (e.g. Exchanges, MTFs, etc). Using u-Trader™ gives i...

RA ASIC Short Position

The Rapid Addition ASIC Short Position Reporting tool was created to aid investors in the ability to report their short sales of Australian stocks to the Australian regulator ...

BizTalk Adaptors

RA ShortCut FIX Adapter

RA ShortCut FIX

RA ShortCut™ is a set of adapters that plug into Microsoft’s BizTalk middleware platform to enable support for FIX, allowing simple transformation and normalisation...

RA ShortCut EMX Adapter

RA ShortCut EMX

RA ShortCut™ is a set of adapters that plug into Microsoft’s BizTalk middleware platform enabling support for EMX allowing simple transformation and normalisation b...

RA ShortCut CME Adapter

RA ShortCut CME

RA ShortCut™ is a set of adapters that plug into Microsoft’s BizTalk middleware platform enabling support for CME FIX, allowing simple transformation and norm...

RA ShortCut ICE Adapter

RA ShortCut ICE

Rapid Addition has extended its Short Cut Adaptor for FIX to connect to International Continental Exchange (ICE) for post trade Capture and order Routing solutions....

Monitoring Tools

RA Monitor

RA Monitor is a powerful tool that sits alongside any FIX environment including the RA Cheetah FIX Engine and the RA Hub. The platform can monitor orders, quotes, executions, latency and sessions in real t...

Productivity Tools

RA FIXatdl Editor

RA-FIXatdl Editor is an authoring tool aimed at firms who publish details of their algo strategies using the industry standard FIXatdl format. FIXatdl is maintained by FIX Protocol Ltd. Using FIXatdl ...

RA Repository Editor

RA-Repository Editor™ is a standalone tool to manage and maintain custom versions of the FIX data repository. It allows you to strip out messages that are not required, add custom tags, define enums, ...

FAST Engines


Rapid Addition's CME Feed Handler (C# Version) provides access to CME market data and transactional data. It converts the CME Market Data into a dedicated Object Model format thus hiding all the feed ...

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Monday, 11 April 2016

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Monday, 04 April 2016

Rapid Addition to showcase RA Hub and RA Monitor at Trade Tech Paris 2016

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Thursday, 08 October 2015

Rapid Addition acquires DET-Technologies to create ground breaking FIX offering

FIX offering Former BNP Paribas pair Petr Postulka and Jaromir Satanek, founders of DET Technologies, will also join ...

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