RA ShortCut ICE Adapter

RA-ShortCut ICERapid Addition has extended its Short Cut Adaptor for FIX to connect to International Continental Exchange (ICE) for post trade Capture and order Routing solutions. ICE clients wishing to utilise their current BizTalk infrastructure can now easily enable a complete STP process utilising RA Short Cut. Clients currently using this out of the box solution include several Oil and Gas trading companies to FIX enable their Middle office using Trade Acknowledgements and to trade through ICE via FIX.”

Features Include

  • Exchange Connection
    • Ability to establish reliable & secure connection with exchanges (ICE, CME) and receive messages using a proven industry standard methodology (e.g. FIX, FIXML or any other exchange protocol)
    • Ability to automatically reconnect to exchange in case of any disconnects
    • Built in FIX Engine synchronization & validation with session level message sequencing
    • Ability to specify poll time and allow poll back to the maximum time window allowed by exchange (for example 24 hours) and configurable by exchange
  • Data Recovery
    • Hooks available to enable automatic reprocess / pull any missing deals after disconnects
    • Hooks available to enable to process the deals resulted in error either on demand or with minimal/no manual intervention
    • Hooks available to enable to pull the missing deals/fills from exchange on demand
    • Hooks available to enable to processes messages even if there are any missing deals/messages from exchange
  • Data Capacity
    • Ability to process circa 1 million financial trade messages in a business day
    • Ability to process a sustained rate of 200 messages per second
  • Outbound Message Publishing
    • Ability to publish messages to multiple locations
  • Notifications
    • Ability to send notification to predefined users of system or FIX connectivity events
    • Message Delivery notification after the message has been sent to the destination system and acknowledged by the destination system
    • Ability to log messages received at every stage of the process via BizTalk health and activity tracking

and Microsoft BizTalk offer an unprecedented opportunity to financial institutions of all types and sizes to reduce risk, manage costs of automation, and achieve true Straight Through Processing (STP). The complexities of cross-border, multi-counterparty transactional products and the processing environment, very often composed of numerous legacy systems, can make the costs of achieving process automation prohibitive. The flexibility offered by RA-ShortCut enable it to be used anywhere in the business process. RA-ShortCut makes light work of connecting counterparties using different protocols.

Rapid Addition is a certified BizTalk Partner Solutions provider. More information can be found here.

Thomson Reuters commisioned Rapid Addition to create a solution for reporting short-position trades to the ASIC. Rapid Addition implemented RA-Shortcut - the Rapid Addition adaptor for Microsoft BizTalk. The full case study can be viewed here. And a whitepaper dicussing FIX for BizTalk is available in our whitepapers section.

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