RA Hub

RA Hub is a high-volume, low-latency gateway providing a complete environment in which to plan & design electronic trading, along with managing FIX connectivity and order routing.

RA Hub Provides greater control with expansive visibility, RA Hub makes it easier for either technical or business teams to execute algorithms more efficiently and view real-time trading volume distributed across clients and exchanges. Underpinned by the RA Cheetah FIX Engine, our new OS-agnostic, jitter-free platform enables the configuration of complex message processing rules and definition of test case scenarios for automated setup testing, as well as the ability to modify, test and version control changes in your application routing logic.

Alongside the integrated RA Monitor, the hub delivers an easily configurable, fast and flexible solution to both technical and business teams.


Key features include:

  • Ultra-fast GC-free message routing engine
  • Sophisticated administration GUI with extensive visual tools
  • User friendly scripting language
  • Automated system testing module, including definition of standard test case scenarios and configuration of testingtools
  • High performance persistent storage
  • High availability provided by super-fast system state replication
  • Automatic versioning and backup of the hub configuration versioning and backup
  • Easy to customize – including integration with external modules
  • Session monitoring & management
  • Support for multiple communication protocols 

Hub Modules


FIX connector built on the lowest-latency FIX engine available (RA Cheetah) provides connectivity to any counterparty communicating via FIX 4.0 to FIX 5.0 SP2.


ETS Connector provides native, ultra-fast connectivity to various markets including Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Vienna Stock Exchange, EUREX BONDS and many others. It features order maintenance and quote maintenance functionality via the new message-based Xetra trading interface called Enhanced Transaction Solution.

Market Data

Market Data module enables easy access to market data which can be utilized by Algo, risk checks, SOR etc.

Risk Filters

Risk module allows users to define custom risk check strategies such as client / trader / desk limit checks using user friendly visual tools and scripts. The module could be easily connected to an existing risk platform. The module is typically delivered with a set of standard risk filters that can be used out of the box.script thumb 01a

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