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RA ASIC Short Reporting

Rapid Addition > RA ASIC Short Reporting

Created as an tool to meet the regulatory requirement for investors to report their short sales of Australian stocks to the Australian regulator ASIC using the FIX protocol.

ASIC – The Australian Security and Investment Commission have a requirement to report all Australian equity short positions that are greater than the lower of AUD$100,000 or 0.01% of issued share capital. On a daily basis.

With the RA solution it is simple to submit short-selling reports to ASIC using the FIX protocol. A low-cost solution to help investors meet their regulatory obligations.

The RA solution offer a web browser to send these short reports or a SOAP web API service which can be connected to an OMS/EMS system to offer an STP solution.

Short reports are only accepted in FIX format by the regulator, so by utilising the Rapid Addition ASIC Short reporting tool in either the web browser or API versions, your needs are covered.

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