FIX for Microsoft BizTalk Whitepaper

fix-for-microsoft-biztalk-whitepaperFIX is a messaging standard and protocol that is used by the finance industry for real-time electronic exchange of securities transmissions. It was developed by the industry to facilitate the automated trading of financial instruments and is used around the world by banks, brokers, exchanges and order management and trading systems. This paper discusses FIX for Microsoft BizTalk.

High Performance Trading - FIX Messaging Testing for Low Latency

This briefing paper reports on the activity of a consortium of leading IT vendors that have joined forces to create demonstrable high performance solution stacks to address common business requirements in financial trading. The initial focus of the consortium is on a reference-able technology stack of products and services to support FIX protocol communication functions. The paper describes the test environment, documents a set of benchmark tests performed on both commercial and open source FIX engine offerings, and details and interprets the representative latency and throughput figures achieved.

The major result from the testing exercise was the collaboration between parties to create a robust and representative testing environment, which was able to produce results simulating real-life conditions and their effect on the key function of FIX message transmission.

Thomson Reuters Deploys Complex Web Reporting System in Just Six Weeks

thomson-reuters-deploys-complex-web-reporting-system-in-just-six-weeksThomson Reuters had just six weeks to create an equity short-position reporting solution to comply with new securities legislation. Microsoft Silver Partner Rapid Addition designed a web-based solution using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009 and the Thomson Reuters Elektron cloud platform, which connects data from multiple third-party trading systems and transmits it using the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol.

FX Direct System

fx-direct-systemThis white paper looks at how Rapid Addition's software can be used to connect customer(s) directly to Banks providing Forex prices and trading through a single gateway using the FIX protocol over a private network.

Straight-­Through Processing Spotlight

straight-through-processing-spotlightThis whitepaper presents an innovative approach to achieving pre-­matching across multiple products and markets, showing how true STP can be achieved using Rapid Addition's products.

Performance Whitepaper - Latency spotlight

performance-whitepaper-latency-spotlightThis document presents a discussion on latency measurement and importance to organizations wishing to trade in today’s marketplace. Included are the results of controlled tests run by Rapid Addition to compare the performance of their leading FIX Engine, RA-Cheetah/J, against the open source FIX engine QuickFIX/J.

RA leverages Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework™ to build ultra-low latency FIX & FAST processing

ra-leverages-microsoft-net-3-5-framework-to-build-ultra-low-latency-fix-fast-processingThis whitepaper describes how Rapid Addition built their ultra low latency FIX and FAST message processing software using the Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework. By following a disciplined design and development, Rapid Addition was able to meet stringent latency requirements while retaining the advantages that managed code brings.

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