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RA provides the core electronic trading Infrastructure – you provide the IP

Working in partnership with our clients RA delivers robust, core electronic trading infrastructure

Innovating Electronic Trading Infrastructure for the Financial Community

Delivering technology that immediately adds value to financial institutions

What We Do

Rapid Addition delivers financial institutions with a complete electronic trading environment that gives control and flexibility in developing high-speed, low-touch, protocol and asset class agnostic systems. Our Hub and Monitor product provides our clients with a total messaging and routing management tool using an innovative visualisation interface.

In addition  our long established Cheetah FIX engine remains at the forefront of this space and our BizTalk adaptor adds FIX capabilities to Microsoft BizTalk for connectivity to CME, EMX, ICE and other FIX counterparties.

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Our Values

We strongly believe that delivering high performance should not impact usability, which is why RA solutions provide a high degree of control and transparency. Flexible configuration through easy to use interfaces enable rapid on-boarding of new clients, venues and algorithms, along with our OS and asset-class agnostic approach, means that customers can easily adapt the platform to meet their business needs.

Complementing all of the above is the most comprehensive real-time monitoring tool on the market today, giving our customers the insight they need to ensure they have ultimate control over the performance and compliance of their trading operations.

Our Flagship Products

RA Hub

RA-Hub: A fast and flexible high-performance platform that sits at the heart of your electronic trading environment, reducing the complexity involved in connecting clients, applications and venues.

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RA Monitor

A powerful monitoring tool transcending your trading environment, RA-Monitor affords unrivalled insight, transparency and control of trading operations through a real-time, forensic interface.

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RA Cheetah™ FIX Engine

The industry’s highest performing engine for the FIX protocol, with market leading technology delivering speed & throughput to satisfy the most demanding counterparties and clients.

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A high quality Transactional Network specialising in the secure transmission of FIX (Financial Information eXchange) Data.

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RA Broker / RA Trader

RA Broker and RA Trader are simple sell-side and buy-side trading applications for both brokers and traders.

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An adapter to enable support for the FIX protocol through Microsoft’s BizTalk product (if there is space) and links to multiple protocols.

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Get consultation from industry experts.

Providing you with the tools you need to run your business with products ranging from high performance routing engines to detailed monitoring systems.

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Sectors we cover

Banks and Brokers

Supporting the need to reduce costs latency and time to market, whilst increasing throughput – RA technology provides easy integration with firm’s own technology to provide best in class solutions.

HFT Firms

Where speed and throughput is of the essence RA’s products have been built to provide capacity and speed required to future proof your business providing easy integration to your own IP.

Hedge Funds

With the need to keep costs low & the drive for Hedge funds to take control of their technology rather than being reliant on Broker provided technology RA Hub and Monitor provide a core basis on which to build.


Whether you need help normalising your customers connections or providing protocol translations from FIX to your native protocols the RA Hub will provide you with a quick to market solution, with many protocol available out of the box.

Traditional Buyside Firms

Allowing firms to break away from one size fits all solutions and using RA as cost effective core infrastructure can build bespoke solutions to truly support your business.

Technology Providers

RA Partnerships provide technology companies the core infrastructure leaving them the time and luxury of concentrating on their value-added services.

Clients Feedback

”Your support and professionalism during the duration of the project is commendable and much appreciated”

Tshepo Maseko - Peregrine Securities

Tshepo Maseko - Peregrine Securities

"RA is the only vendor that was able to provide us with exactly the tools we need to run our business. Starting with ultra-performance routing engines through to fully blown monitoring & Compliance tools to support the scope of MiFID 2 requirements. The implementation was a turn-key solution experience thanks to the professional skills of the RA Team"

Vaclav Karpisek - Head of Electronic trading – Wood and Company

Vaclav Karpisek - Head of Electronic trading – Wood and Company

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